do puppets realize they’re always being anally fisted

 i though it said puppies and was concerned






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Takeru - I 狂 U

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Curious Creatures



Undertaker grit his teeth. He didn’t want to say anything. He didn’t want her to know. But there was no point in trying to play anything off. He growled. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” He suddenly dropped his arms, pulling hers down and leaned up as she went down. He leaned his head back and quickly headbutted her, gritting his teeth through the flash in his vision and the pain in his own head. He quickly found her shoulders with his hand and shoved, exerting energy as he did so, effectively throwing her from him. He whipped to his feet and covered his chest with his hand holding the other in front of him as he took stance. His anger from before was seething from him and his energy was pooling in his hand making it glow. He tried to think what he was going to do, what action to take, but it was as if a waterfall was bashing into his eardrums. He was almost thoughtless with anger and he didn’t know even what he was going to do as he glared at the cat demon. 

Reiko raised an eyebrow as Undertaker had pulled her down unaware of what he was doing until a flash of pain ran through her head as he headbutted her. Momentarily seeing stars,the feline blinked her eyes a few times and shook her head for a moment until she felt his hands on her shoulders  and shoved her off of him with force and energy. She flew back landing on her back this time since having been on top of Undertaker. She sat up on her elbows looking in his direction seeing that he was to his feet covering his chest once again. Pushing herself up further she raised to her knees and titled her head taking notice of his hand starting to glow. Her eyes narrowed glaring back at him,” You make this game very fun to play with you however it seems you’re at a loss at what to do now.” She smirked at him standing up fully now,” The only real damage you’ve done to me is my arm and neck but it doesn’t even really hurt anymore. For someone who is suppose to one of the best Reapers of all time I don’t see what the huff is all about.”

Not fearing the glowing hand and adding fuel to the fire with her insults,Reiko started to advance on Undertaker once again determined to play this game as long as she could. This time her energy spiked again as she vanished only for a moment only to appear behind him with the increase to her speed. She reached out and gripped the wrist of the glowing hand and slipped her other hand around him reaching for his chest again,holding him to her,” I think you’re letting me do all of this to you, Undertaker…” She whispered in his ear before trailing her tongue against his lobe lightly.

Curious Creatures





He glared and dropped to his knees again as she rushed him and jumped along the side of the wall. He rolled and fumbled slightly, using his main arm to hold his clothes. He ended in a crouch and turned to her. “None of your concern, beast!” he snarled as he continued to glare at her. She’s too young then… she has no idea… He stood, still holding the tatters to his chest. He didn’t really want to give in, nor did he want to run. But he was in no mood to have himself any more exposed than he already was. “How about this… We’ll call it even…” he said lowly. “I’ll stop going at you, if you stop going at me, and we can make nice till a later date. How’s that?” he asked, his left hand behind him and ready as he narrowed his eyes on her. He knew there wasn’t much luck in reasoning with a demon of any kind, but there was no point not to try. 

Reiko slammed into the wall after Undertaker dodged her attack, leaving a dent where she landed. She slid down the wall to crouch, glaring at him but she licked her lips again at his comment about her being a beast,” Oh you haven’t seen a beast yet.” She sneered at him but than tilted her head at his wanting to stop for another day, raising an eyebrow at him,” Oh you’ve got to be kidding….but you got me all excited,” Reiko said with a mocking pout,” Why would I want to stop now? Knowing that you’re hiding something interesting.” She than started to crawl his way,her tail twitching quickly behind her,” I will find out what you’re hiding so just give up already besides…” She shifted her eyes around the room before looking back at him,” I can fix this mess with ease. Now come here you!” The feline still crawled towards Undertaker but than Reiko stopped for a moment only to pounce at him once again, this time landing against his chest,her fingers reaching for the tatters that he was holding, her face close to his once more,” Let’s see what you’re hiding~” She grinned.

It was a slow motion horror picture. He could see her coming but somehow wasn’t fast enough to stop her. He hit the floor and suddenly came back to normal speed reality. Panic flared within his mind as he felt her fingers touching skin. NONONONONONO!! His anger from earlier mixed with the panic and he could have sworn in a split/second of time he had a heart attack. “Nnn-OFF!!” He yelled, gripping her hands and shoving them upward. “I am not PLAYING with you DEMON!! If you don’t stop this now I will bloody murder you!!” he yelled. He took a breath to continue when he suddenly felt cold on his chest. His eyes widened and he failed to keep the surprised panic from his face. He dared not look down. Damn… He glared up at her. His chest was bared. 

Her nails had dragged along his chest for a moment before he had gripped her hands and shoved them upwards, tilting her head, Reiko smirked at Undertaker’s panicked state while she was over the top of him.” There is no need for yelling and who says I’m playing Reaper?” Reiko said, trying to pull her hands free from Undertaker’s grip. Licking her lips seeing his eyes widening she leaned as close as she could to Undertaker’s face,” I didn’t think that the smell of panic would smell so good coming from a reaper.” She purred since before he was just angry she didn’t notice the scent till now,” I like it…” Sitting up, she looked down at his now bare chest tilting her head lightly,” Oh, What do we have here?” Reiko asked grinning evilly.

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Kuroshitsuji + Blood and colour red

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